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SCADA Systems in Wind Power Industry

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) has now become a very critical component in the wind power industry. SCADA solutions have greatly simplified the way wind farms are being managed and have simplified the tasks of farm managers/operators. The wind farm SCADA system market has been growing rapidly as these systems are simplifying the overall plant operations and asset management.

The SCADA systems in the wind power industry basically allow the monitoring of individual wind turbines as well as the entire wind park from one location. The system has one central unit which communicates with various sensors that collect data on individual parts/components in the wind farm.

“Operations and maintenance cost management is very important for wind parks. SCADA solutions have helped the industry manage these costs and remain proactive with plant health monitoring and repair.”

Through SCADA systems, the wind power plant operators are able to monitor all the critical aspects of the plant in real time. Below are the practical ways how these systems are being used in the wind power industry:

  • Instant fault detection and plant security – Sensors communicate about any problem that arises in real time. The attendant sitting in the central control room can take immediate action to resolve the problem. For example, there may be a sudden increase in the vibrations in the wind turbines due to bearing failure, gear-related faults, or other reasons. The accelerometers detect vibrations caused due to such problems based on which corrective measures are taken.
  • Plant health monitoring and asset management – The parts and components installed in the wind farm need maintenance and repair. SCADA systems monitor the health of these components and communicate about their lifespan, maintenance needs, and replacement requirements.
  • Report generation, data visualization – Detailed reports can be generated for the collected data. The data can be visualized and presented in the form of charts and graphs for better clarity. Moreover, various analysis can be performed on the data collected over a period of time in order to enhance plant efficiency and manage risks.

Wind Farm SCADA Market Size and Forecast

In 2020, the global wind farm SCADA market size was $6.8 billion. The demand for these solutions grew by around 15% in the year 2020 while the total wind power industry grew by XX%.

  • The Asia Pacific region is the largest market for wind power and accounted for the share of XX% in the wind power SCADA systems in 2020. The region held XX% of the global wind capacity in 2020, however, in terms of SCADA software, the region has a share of XX%.
  • The Europe wind farm SCADA market size was $XX million in 2020. While the North America region stood at $XX million.
  • The Middle East and Africa wind farm SCADA market size were $XX million in 2020 while the Latin America region stood at $XX million.

Top five countries with the highest demand for wind power SCADA systems, 2021

The demand for wind energy is rising and hence, the related software and solutions are also gaining business opportunities. Below are the top five wind SCADA markets in 2020, along with their market share:

  1. United States – 19%
  2. China – 28%
  3. Germany – 11%
  4. India – 8%
  5. Spain – 7%
  6. Rest of the world – %

Onshore vs Offshore Wind Farm SCADA Systems

In the year 2020, the onshore wind power SCADA segment held 92% market while the offshore SCADA segment accounted for 8% of the market demand. This is mainly because 95% of the power plants in the world were onshore by the end of 2020.

In growth terms, however, the offshore SCADA systems market is growing very fast driven by the growth in the number of offshore plants around the world. By the year 2026, the onshore SCADA segment will contribute close to 10% of the overall wind power SCADA market.


Top Wind Farm SCADA companies, 2021

  1. ABB
  2. Rockwell Automation, Inc.
  3. General Electric
  4. Siemens
  5. DEIF
  6. KK Wind Solutions
  7. Bachmann electronic GmbH
  8. Other Market Players

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